Retro Cam-Am  (Raced in memory of Dave Geerhing)




1.        Any personally-built or commercially-available scratch built chassis in kit form or built conforming to these specifications is allowed.

2.        Chassis Materials include the following: Brass: sheet, rod, and tube; Bronze: rod; Steel: wire, pin tubing, and commercial guide tongues are allowed.  No other materials are allowed.  Chassis parts, such as pans, brackets, guide tongues, etc., that are made using EDM, laser, or water-cutting techniques are allowed only if they are individual commercially-available components or components of chassis kits (i.e. these techniques may not be used in the private manufacture of one-off components). Materials such as printed circuit boards are not legal.

3.        Total weight must be a minimum of 100 grams.

4.        Maximum chassis width is 3.125”

5.        Maximum width with body is 3.250”




1.        Only 48 pitch crown gears will be allowed.

2.        Only an 8 tooth pinion will be allowed.  A 9 tooth pinion can be used for the Retro Hawk motor only.

3.        Rear 3/32” or 1/8” solid steel axles only.

4.        Front tires must be a minimum of .750” with a .225” minimum width. 

5.        Wheels with an “O” ring are prohibited.

6.        May use ball bearings in front and/or rear axles.

7.        Minimum rear tire diameter is .8125” across the full width of the tire.  Must also be a maximum width of .810”.

8.        .050” clearance at the back, up to the rear axle will be used.

9.        Maximum tire width is 3 1/8”.

10.    .015” tech at the front of the chassis.


1.        Magnet wire or magnet type wire is not allowed.

2.        Guide clips are allowed.

3.        May add wire guide or retainer.

4.    Weighted guide flags are allowed




1.        Must use approved Can-Am body that is listed in the “Approved Body List“ page and must be commercially available.

2.        Must use a .010” body thickness with a minimum of .007” on the sides.

3.        Maximum rear body height is 1.375” measured with the car on all four wheels on the tech block (unsupported by the guide flag), from the tech block surface to the top of the highest point of the rear of the body, excluding any add on spoiler.

4.        Severe raking of the body for aerodynamic effect is not allowed.

5.        A single, flat plastic spoiler set at any angle may be attached to the rear of the body or under the rear of the body on the vertical portion behind the body. Spoilers may not be attached on top of the body. 

6.        Spoiler cannot be wider than the body, .500” maximum height.

7.        Front grill is .063” (1/16”) except Ti22 body.

8.        Must have three scale appearing numbers.

9.        Body must be fully painted and cover the entire chassis.

10.     May reinforce body with tape or lexan.

11.     All windows must be clear and retain factory lexan.

12.     Front wheel wells must be cut out.  No cutting into the top of the fenders.

13.     Must use a fully molded driver figure interior.  Must have a two-color presentably, realistically painted.  No paper interior.




1.        Only JK Retro Hawk (Part #JKHR), Proslot FK (PS-4002FK) or Proslot Scorpion (PS-4007) motors can be used.

2.        For the JK Retro Hawk, the motor shaft CANNOT be cut down or trimmed.

3.        For the Proslot FK, may do the following:

a.       Motors must not have been opened or tampered with in any way.

b.       Motors must be factory sealed and using the unmodified factory seal only. Seals may have clear "finger nail polish" added to extend life of seal.  NO other modifications to the seals allowed.

c.       Any motor spring may be used.

d.       Can straighten the brush hoods on the endbell.

e.       Can motor bushing may be soldered.



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