General Rules:


Raceway Responsibilities:

1.      Raceway will open at 8:00 AM on race day.

2.      Tech will open at 9:15 AM and racing will start at 9:30 AM SHARP!

3.      Track time between classes will be a maximum of 15 minutes.

4.      Must provide a race director for the entire day.


Racer Responsibilities:

1.      Racers must participate in corner marshaling. 

2.      Racers must marshal the same class as they race.

3.      Cars must be available for tech-in during the race prior to the class you are racing.

i)        Tech will open 15 minutes prior to each class.

ii)      All cars MUST be in the tech line PRIOR to the end of the 15 minute time period.

4.      Anyone caught cheating will FORFEIT all points and winning for that class, on that day.

i)        A racer may clean tires with lighter fluid or a tire conditioner.  Using tape or a lint roller for the purpose of cleaning tires is allowed.  Adding glue to tires WILL NOT be allowed.

5.      Cooperation from everyone to conduct races on a timely basis.

6.      All lane stickers MUST be placed on the front of the car over the guide flag.

7.      Sportsmanlike conduct is MANDATORY.

8.      Marshal abuse will NOT be tolerated.

i)        First offense will result in a deduction of 5 laps.

ii)      Second offense will result in a 10 lap deduction.

iii)    Third offense will result in an EXPULSION from that class for that day.



There will be only one drop.  This allows everyone the same opportunity to miss one race whether it is a personal preference not to patronize the establishment or personal reasons, which may arise.



Scheduling may be subject to change.  Raceways will be notified immediately so that racers can be notified of any changes when at all possible.


New Products:

All new products will NOT be permitted in the USSCA series unless it is approved by USSCA.  All new products must be submitted to the USSCA President by September 30th for approval.  Any newly approved product will not be allowed to compete until January of the following year or the start of a new racing season.  All slot car parts and bodies MUST BE COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE by the DISTRIBUTOR and RACEWAY!



At the beginning of the 15-minute tech period, a clock will be set in the tech area.  Racers late for tech will be docked 3 laps for each full minute that they are late.  This penalty period will run until the Race Director has finished entering the racer’s names into the computer, at which time tech will close and the race will start, without the racers who have not completed technical inspection.

Lap Counter:

The lap counter will be considered correct unless it can be proven otherwise.  If a major error occurs in the counting process that cannot be corrected, the race director may assign responsible stewards to count laps or verify the counter, Restart the segment, or Restart the race form the last possible point.  For a major error in counting, the steps taken should preserve as much of the race as possible, while remaining as fair as possible.  If you cross the lap counter at the end of the race, a lap may be added if using the SRT system.  Any car crossing the lap counter will be either credited with its lap or the car will be placed behind the lap counter.


Track Calls:

1.       The power will only turned off for extremely unfair or dangerous situations.  The following are the only acceptable reasons:

a.       Braid up.

b.       Power failure.

c.       Debris in the slot.

d.       An Un-marshalable car.

e.       Lap counter or track equipment failure.

f.        Insufficient number of marshals at President’s discretion.

g.       Too many cars off is NOT a track call.

2.       During the track call, there will be absolutely no work performed on the car by the driver.  The marshal can straighten out the braids and/or the body.  Pit helpers can help with fixing the body and/or braid but cannot "FIX" the car.  Doing so will result in a 20 lap penalty.  A second infraction will result in a disqualification.  This includes work on the car or lane by pit helpers of the driver.

3.       If the car IS ON THE FLOOR & WITHIN REACH OF THE MARSHALL, the race director will determine if a track call will be called.  If a car ends up under the track, in the tracks infield, under a pit table, on or under a chair or an area that a car cannot be picked up and placed back on the track quickly, a track call MUST BE MADE.  This is to ensure that the rears tires are clean when the car returns to the track.  This will benefit all racers.



All races will be run in a round robin format (equipment permitting).  There will be NO QUALIFYING.  Otherwise, two consecutive races will be counted as one main.  Starting place will be determined by luck of the draw.  We will be drawing numbers or entry forms will be shuffled randomly.


Black Flag:

The race director is obliged to black flag any car, which is dragging, interfering with other cars or continuously de-slotting due to mechanical problems.  Upon being black flagged, the driver must bring the car in for repairs immediately.  If the problem is not corrected, the black flag may be enforced again as required.


Lane Change:

All drivers are required to use a lane change card or some type of card or item to mark their heat finish spot in-between heats.



Anybody can protest for a cost of $10.00.  This fee will go toward the series general treasury.  Once this fee has been paid, a USSCA official will take apart the car and check for any illegal parts.


Race Format:

All classes will run 2 minute heats with a 2 minute lane change.


Racing Agenda:

Race day will proceed as follows:

1.        4.5" NASCAR

2.        Indy

3.        Retro Can-Am

4.        Production


Entry Fees:

1.        4.5" NASCAR                          $10.00

2.        Indy                                          $10.00

3.        Retro Can-Am                           $10.00

4.        Production                                 $10.00






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