1.        Any 4" chassis that retails for under $40, is a minimum of 83mm wide & is commercially through a distributor & available at the raceway.  Must be approved prior to Sept. 30, 2017.

2.        The chassis may be laser, EDM, Water Jet, milled or die cut.

3.        All chassis will consist of one solid “STEEL” center section & a maximum of 2 separate pans that may be made of aluminum.  May brace chassis in any way you would like.

4.        A steel guide tongue reinforcement may be used, but the original guide tongue may not be removed, modified, or moved.



1.        Must use an 11 tooth pinion.  Can use any pitch gears.

2.        Rear 3/32” or 1/8” solid steel axles only.

3.        Must use rear axle bushings.  Offset oilies are allowed. Ball bearings are NOT allowed.

4.        Sticker Fronts may be used instead of a front axle.

5.        If using a front axle, must be the following:

a.       Metallic Front wheels, .500” minimum

6.        No minimum rear tire diameter.

7.        For most tracks, .050” clearance at the back, up to the rear axle will be used.  Maximum width is 83mm.

8.        For all “FLAT” tracks, .032” clearance at the back up to the rear axle will be used with no minimum tire size.  Maximum width will remain 83mm.

9.        No tech at the front.



1.         Magnet wire or magnet type wire is not allowed.

2.         Guide clips are allowed.

3.         May add wire guide or retainer.

4.         Weighted guide flags are allowed.





1.        A sedan style DTM bodies will be used, must be commercially available and on the approved body list.

2.        Maximum rear spoiler height of 1 5/8", measured from the tech block to the top of the spoiler.

3.         Bodies must have front cut lines clearly visible. The rear must have a 1" rear fender height that is measured from the top of the wing downward.  Can’t put holes or any cuts and/or slits into rear.  

4.        Front wheel wells may be cut out, left clear, or use front stickers.  No cutting into the top of the fenders.

5.        Must have three scale appearing numbers.

6.        Body must be fully painted and cover the entire chassis.

7.        May reinforce body with tape or lexan.

8.        All windows must be clear and retain factory lexan.

9.        Front wheel wells may be cut out or left clear.  No cutting into the top of the fenders.

10.     Must use a fully molded 3 D driver figure interior.  Must have a two-color presentably, realistically painted.  No paper interior.  Chassis or track must not be visible.




·         Only JK Hawk 7 (Part #JK30307), JK Retro Hawk (Part #JKHR or #JKHR-SS), Mid-America Eagle (Part #MA-605), Mid-America Retro Eagle (Part #MA-606), or Professor Motor Retro (Part #PMTRHR) motors can be used.  Motors must not have been opened or tampered with in any way.



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