1.        Must use any of the following chassis that is commercially available and approved by USSCA:

a.       Cheetah 7 narrow Indy, C-21 Indy (Part#: JK251171), or C-21 Wide Pan (Part#: JK251172)

2.        Must be stamped and formed metal only.

3.        A steel guide tongue reinforcement may be used, but the original guide tongue may not be removed, modified, or moved.



1.        Must use a 10:37 gear ratio using only 64 pitch gears.

2.        Angled pinions are allowed.

3.        Rear & Front 3/32” solid steel axles only.  Must use axle bushings.  Offset bushings are allowed.

4.        Must use black JK front tires that are the same as are shipped on the RTR car.  Use part #T113F

5.        No independent rotating front wheels.

6.        Front tires must be black, .750” minimum & .375” wide. 

7.        MUST RUN with the Front tires and axle on the car for the ENTIRE RACE.

8.        Rear tire minimum diameter is .750”.  No “SPEED” rubber.  Maximum rear tire width .810''.

9.     For all tracks, .062” clearance at the back, up to the rear axle will be used.

10.    Maximum width is 3 ¼”.

11.     No clearance required in the front of chassis.  Front wheels and oilites can be soldered or un-sodlered.




1.        Magnet wire or magnet type wire is not allowed.

2.        Guide clips are allowed. 

3.        Weighted guide flags are allowed.

4.        May add wire guide or retainer.



1.        Body must be .010” thick and be commercially available and on the approved body list.

2.        Maximum rear spoiler height of 1 1/2", measured from the tech block to the top of the spoiler.

3.        Must have three scale appearing numbers.

4.        Body must be fully painted and cover the entire chassis.

5.        Must use body clips.  May reinforce body with tape or lexan. May add tape or body armor to the front nose area, rear wing, and body clip locations.  On the wide body car, the body fender behind the rear wheel may be cut off.

6.        Must use a fully molded 3 D driver figure interior.  Must have a two-color presentably, realistically painted.  No paper interior.  Chassis nor track may be visible.





·         Only JK Hawk 7 (Part #JK30307), JK Retro Hawk (Part #JKHR or #JKHR-SS), Mid-America Eagle (Part #MA-605), Mid-America Retro Eagle (Part #MA-606) or Professor Motor Retro (Part #PMTRHR) motors can be used.  Motors must not have been opened or tampered with in any way.

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